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Where the HECK is Bonaire?

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

And why it's a top destination for cruisers, divers, and adventurers!

The Captain and I spent the hurricane season (July-Nov) in Bonaire and completely fell in love with this magical island! We love it so much, we think we are going to stay awhile. 🙂

To be honest, I had never heard of Bonaire until we put the island on our cruising schedule. I was (somewhat) familiar with neighboring island, Aruba, but I had never personally visited this part of the Caribbean, which lies just north of Venezuela.

Heck, I didn't even know they were Dutch islands. 🤣 I've since outgrown (some) of my ignorance, and here are some interesting facts I have since learned about Bonaire:

  • Bonaire is one of the "ABC Islands" - Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao - known for their close proximity to one another.

  • It is only 24 miles long and 9 miles wide, with a population of roughly 20,000.

  • Bonaire lies outside of the hurricane belt, which makes it a popular destination for cruisers (like us!)

  • The average temperature on Bonaire is 81 degrees Fahrenheit. The climate is warm, dry, and windy.

  • Bonaire has produced several world champion Wind Surfers and Kite Surfers. It's one of the best places in the world to learn these sports, alongside the pros!

  • There are more than 400 caves under the island, some of which you can explore alongside a local guide.

  • Bonaire provides some stunning scenery for hikers. The Washington Slagbaai National Park is one of the best spots on island to for hiking & walking.

  • The main port is called Kralendijk, which comes from the Dutch word for "coral reef".

  • The entire coastline of Bonaire was designated a marine sanctuary in 1979.

  • There are more than 350 species of fish 60 species of coral living in Bonaire's reef.

  • Bonaire has one of the largest Flamingo populations in the world!

  • Bonaire has several nicknames, among them: "Diver's Paradise", "The Velcro Island", and "Dushi Bonaire".

  • Dushi is a complimentary phrase that means "sweet", "sweetheart" or "tasty". It is derived from the Spanish word "dulce" for candy.

  • Bonaire is truly a melting pot of culture and there are 4 main languages spoken on the island: Dutch, English, Papamientu & Spanish.

All of these things make Bonaire a fantastic destination for cruisers, divers, and adventure travelers. Put Bonaire on your list and when you get here, join us for a sail!

Until then...get a sneak peak for what Bonaire has to offer with our Season 4 teaser video:

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