Season 3 - Now on YouTube!

Hey couples! 
Have you ever dreamed of letting go of your possessions and predictable life patterns in favor of a simpler life full of
beauty, adventure, and serendipity?


Yeah? So did we!

We're James & Julia Cognito (a.k.a. "J Squared").


In 2020, we ditched our conventional lives to move aboard a sailing catamaran appropriately named Lost Cat.


7 countries and thousands of nautical miles later, we are now sharing our experiences to show couples the risks, rewards, and realities of boat life.

What you'll find on our YouTube channel:

  • Sailing adventures

  • Lessons learned

  • Mechanic's corner

  • Coming soon! Interviews with fellow cruisers 


Get to know us on YouTube and join us for a real-life sailing adventure to see if you've got what it takes to live a

Life at 8 Knots!

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