5 Things NOT to Pack for Your Private Boat Trip / Yacht Charter

Updated: Jun 28

If you're like me, preparing for a trip is almost as much fun as going on the trip itself. (Almost).

You get to envision yourself living your best life, soaking up the sun, and looking stylish while you do it. It's fun to rummage through your things to see what will make the cut to join you on your next adventure.

If that adventure involves living on a private yacht for any period of time (lucky you!), it's just as important to know what you should avoid bringing aboard.

As the First Mate and Stewardess aboard SV Lost Cat, I have some tips to help you make the most of your charter trip - and to keep you in good standing with the Captain and Crew!

What NOT to Pack

1. Aerosol Sunscreen. Sure, an aerosol spray is super convenient when you're at the pool or beach. But when you're on a moving boat, the aerosol spray can get everywhere but on your skin, leaving the boat slippery and potentially damaging the gel coat. Instead, opt for a sunscreen stick that applies directly to the skin.

2. Hard-top Roller Bags. Trust me, nothing make a boat crew grumble more than guests that show up with hard-top luggage on wheels. Why? They don't fold, taking up precious space aboard. Give everyone more space, and opt for a soft duffle bag that can easily be stowed away in your cabin.

3. Heeled Shoes. The last thing you want to do is ruin your vacation by equipping your feet with the wrong gear and potentially hurting yourself. You are barefoot most of the time while onboard, and it's best to bring shoes that are comfortable and versatile for the times you venture to land. I love a neutral colored flip flop that I can wear with any outfit and doubles as a shower shoe - for the days I take advantage of a marina's endless supply of hot water!

4. Perfume or Cologne. These items (including scented body spray) tend to attract mosquitoes and other insects. And when you are living in close quarters, others may not appreciate the scent. It's best to bring deodorant and leave the rest of your skin au naturel.

5. Hair Dryer. There are some electronic items that use minimal energy to power: laptops, cameras, cell phones, etc. And then there are items, like a hair dryer, that completely zap the boat battery and could blow a fuse. Keep your hair dryer at home and instead try a leave-in conditioner that will keep your hair frizz-free and smooth, even when air drying!

The best rule of thumb when packing for a private charter is to keep it light! Limit yourself to 1 soft duffel bag, per person. Don't overload on shoes and clothing options. If anything, stock-up on swimwear and lightweight towels that get wet frequently, and take time to dry.

For more ideas of what you should bring aboard your liveaboard cruise, check out our complete list of Amazon recommended items.

Cheers & Fair Winds,


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