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3 Reasons to Book a Private Boat Tour on Bonaire

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Visiting the island of Bonaire? Here are 3 reasons you should consider booking a private boat tour to explore the island's beauty.

When visiting the island of Bonaire there is no better place to be than out on the ocean, taking in the brilliant blue hues and seeing the island from a whole new perspective. But with several options for getting out on the water, why should you choose to charter a private boat on Bonaire? Here are our top 3 reasons:

You can enjoy the day without the crowds

Having your own personal space is the most obvious reason to charter a private boat on Bonaire. It's all about savoring the time with your friends & family in a relaxed atmosphere where you call the shots.

Whether you desire a romantic sunset cruise for 2 or a day of fun with your family, having a private boat offers a level of peace and comfort that isn’t readily available in the mixed company of strangers. Fewer people on board also means spending less time waiting for others and more time experiencing the day you want to have, at your own pace.

Getting away from crowds also means exploring more remote locations. While some operators that cater to mixed groups have a set route, your private charter is all about finding the spots where no one else is playing.

If you prefer to have less small talk with strangers and more meaningful connections with your family, then chartering a private boat on Bonaire is the way to go!

You get to choose your own adventure

When you charter a private boat, you have the opportunity to steer the experience instead of following a pre-set agenda. You get to choose the activities your group participates in and when (so long as it is safe!).

With our private charter, guests fill out a preference sheet ahead of time so we know what they would like to see, do, eat, and drink during their time aboard.

Want to dive? We’ll get the tanks.

Want to learn to sail? We’ll show you the ropes.

Want to relax & sip on hand-crafted cocktails? We’ll grab your favorite spirits & a shaker.

Celebrating a birthday? We’ll put up the birthday banner and bring the cake!

If you enjoy the VIP experience, then chartering a private boat on Bonaire is your best way to feel like a rock star!

It’s not as expensive as you might think!

Many people assume it’s expensive to charter a private boat on Bonaire. But you might be surprised to realize that it often costs just a little bit more to experience a private charter. Let’s do the math…

Several boat operators on Bonaire offer individual tickets to board at the cost of $100 per person (plus service tax & tips). For a family of four, that's roughly $400. You'll likely share the boat with 6-20 people, depending on the size of the boat.

To compare, our private sunset cruise on Bonaire for 4 people is $499. For just a little bit more, you get the entire boat to yourself with food & beverages catered to your tastes and preferences.

Choose Your Private Boat Package

If you are ready to book your private boat on Bonaire, we hope you will consider chartering with us! We offer several charter options to choose from:

Day Trips: We offer both ½ day trips and full-day trips for small, private groups of 2-8 people. Sail, snorkel, scuba, or just sit back and enjoy the beauty of Bonaire. Every charter is fully customized to your tastes & wishes! Learn more about our day trips on Bonaire.

Sunset Cruises: A sunset cruise is the perfect way to end the day on Bonaire. This 3-hour tour gives you time to experience a sail, stop for a swim, and take in a beautiful sunset while enjoying tasty bites and cocktails. Learn more about our private sunset cruises on Bonaire.

Large Groups / Special Events: If you have a larger group of 8-12 passengers and wish to charter our catamaran for a special event like a wedding celebration, holiday party, or team-building event on Bonaire, please reach out! Contact us to start planning your special event on the water.

Live Aboard Adventures: Designed for couples and small groups of 2-4 guests. Spend the days sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and exploring the most remote parts of Bonaire. Enjoy nights under the stars! Learn more about our live aboard adventure on Bonaire.

Why book with us?

Still on the fence about booking your private catamaran trip with us on Bonaire? Here are some resources to help you make your decision:

Our Sailing Catamaran Lost Cat: Our 43’ sailing catamaran is comfortable and spacious, with plenty of space (and shade!) for lounging. See photos and learn more about our sailing catamaran.

Our Service Standards: We specialize in private charters because we thrive at providing personalized service with a smile. It is not our job to take people out on the water – it is our privilege and passion to show them the beauty of Bonaire and make memories that last a lifetime. Read reviews from our previous customers.

Our Crew: Our company owners are a husband/wife team from the USA that have sailed thousands of nautical miles together. They have operated charters in the BVIs, Bahamas, and the Florida Keys for over 10 years before settling down in Bonaire. Every crew member aboard Lost Cat has been hand-picked due to their previous sailing, charter, or hospitality experience and has been expertly trained by the owners to maintain our high level of service. Learn more about our crew.

Sail with us! Life at 8 Knots - Private Catamaran Charter - Bonaire - Dutch Caribbean

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