We're the Cognitos! A married couple in our early 40's with no kids who love to dance, travel, and live life on our own terms.


We moved up our retirement dreams by 20 years and now live aboard our sailing catamaran...FULL TIME!


From calling Fort Worth, Texas "home" now calling  wherever we drop anchor "home"...we are loving every minute of it.

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James is a USCG licensed Captain and certified PADI Master Scuba Diver trainer. He has trained divers for 20+ years, and enjoys showing the ropes to aspiring sailors. He is also an amazing cook!  If you fancy, grab a guitar and jam with James.

Julia serves as First Mate and keeps SV Lost Cat (and the Captain) in tip-top shape. A former banker, she likes to help aspiring live-aboards get a grip on financially preparing for a life at sea. A life long dancer, she loves to Salsa & Cha-Cha with the Captain every chance they get.

World Travelers


Kirby Cat


Most cats enjoy lounging in a recliner or chasing toys. Kirby Cat, however, is embracing the nautical lifestyle and enjoying fun in the sun aboard Lost Cat.  (He's also head trained!)

We have always shared a love for travel, exploration, and the water. No matter where we went on vacation, we always found ourselves on a boat! 


Living on the water and being in tune with nature has been an AMAZING experience. Having the stability of a home base, combined with the freedom to set sail in an instant, is what makes the lifestyle so unique. It's not always easy, but it's worth it!

Experience life at sea...

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