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Tim Bluhm Live in the BVI - YouTube (1).png

In November of 2023, a few lucky fans ventured to the British Virgin Islands to join Tim Bluhm for the private concert experience of a lifetime.

For 4 days and 4 nights, they enjoyed sail, song, and sun alongside their favorite lead vocalist. Each voyage had a unique vibe as captured in the videos below, perfectly accompanied by a Tim Bluhm song.

Check out the trailer featuring our favorite moments, set to the tune of "Behind Beyond". Then jump aboard with our guests each week to see where their adventure takes them, featuring songs "The Soft Adventure", "White Headphones", "Do it Easy" and "Leaving the Valley."

Week 1: Join Andrew on the maiden voyage, set to the tune of "The Soft Adventure".

Week 2: Join the Mad Roamers (Shawn & Laura) for a sultry trip to the BVI, set to the tune of "White Headphones."

Week 3: Join Brian and the boys for an unplugged, low-key adventure set to the tune of "Do it Easy".

Week 4: Join Mike & Kellie for scenic snorkeling and romantic strolls on the beach. Set to their favorite tune, "Leaving the Valley"

Want to join us in 2024?

Contact Tim and let him know you're interested! 👇🏼

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