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This Guy Might Save Your Life!

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Cool facts about the Horseshoe Crab...and how it may be the answer to the COVID vaccine.

While walking on the beaches of Gwynn Island, VA I kept stumbling across these odd looking carcuses.

The shell was hard and looked like a helmet, an attached was a tail resembling a stingray.

What WAS this thing?

Not surprisingly, James knew the answer.

"It's a horseshe crab," he said. "Their blood is awesome. It's blue and they use it to test medicine."

I had to know I found these cool facts about the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab thanks to National Geographic.

  • They have been around for over 450 Million years, pre-dating dinosaurs.

  • They are found on the East Coast from Maine all the way to Florida.

  • They are more closely related to spiders & scorpions than to their namesake crab.

  • Their mouth is attached to the center of their 10 legs, classifying them a Merostomata.

  • Their blue blood reacts to bateria by clotting, and is used to test everything from water to IV drugs for contamination.

  • The blood is key for making vaccines for diseases such as COVID-19.

Huh, who knew?

Oh, that's right, the Captain.



Check out the video that inspired this blog!


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